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Stories and News about the QCArchive and its collaborators


Running multi-site, heterogeneous, compute that our users manage: Queue Managers evolution and lessons

Today we will discuss how Fractal handles distributing and managing compute resources.


QCArchive at SciPy 2019!

Part of the QCArchive team went to SciPy this year to find out about the latest scientific and data analysis python projects.


Debut Presentation on YouTube!

A YouTube version of QCArchive’s ACS 2019 talk is now available on the MolSSI YouTube channel!


The MolSSI QCArchive Open-Beta

Today the Molecular Sciences Software Institute (MolSSI) is pleased to announce the Quantum Chemistry Archive (QCArchive) ecosystem’s open beta.


QCArchive at ACS 2019

The Quantum Chemistry Archive makes its debut at the American Chemical Society’s annual meeting in Spring of 2019.